Best In Sussex | Afternoon Tea Edition | Belinda’s Tea Room, Arundel

*Afternoon Tea paid for myself*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! I am sorry it’s been a long ol’ time since my last one of these, but I launched my own range (shameless plug, you can shop it here), been on holiday, and had a lot going on, so everything has taken a bit of a back seat!

Welcome back to Best In Sussex, my blog series where I take a particular cuisine, (like Mexican or Indian), or experience (like bottomless brunch, or afternoon tea), and review a whole group of them from around Sussex, and crown a winner for each section.

At the end of each blog post, I will be giving the experience a ‘Heart Rating’ out of 5; 5 being brilliant, 1 being really poor.

The first section I’ve been covering is Afternoon Tea, and this is my 7th one; we officially have 3 more to go, before I crown an Afternoon Tea winner! I’m gonna be honest, I can’t bloody wait…of all the sections, Afternoon Tea has to be the most repetitive and tedious! I will be glad to see the back of a scone and a pot of clotted cream for a while.

If you wanna catch my previous posts in the Afternoon Tea section, you can see my The Ivy Brighton review here, my The Salt Room review here, my Joanna’s Boutique Tea Room review here, Badgers Tea House review here, Ashdown Park Hotel review here, and my most recent, my South Lodge Hotel review here.

Oooookay…that was a lot of info I just threw at you there. On with the post!

Belinda’s Tea Room Afternoon Tea Menu

Savoury Options:


Sweet Options:

Slice Of Cake


Drink Options:

Soft Drinks, Tea/Coffee, Prosecco

There was a choice of all different kinds of sandwiches, however BLT’s were exempt from the Afternoon Tea; obviously, me being me, the only one I fancied was a BLT and they said it was fine.

The sandwich was nice enough, not the best BLT I’ve ever had, and the bacon was quite tough. My only issue was that in an Afternoon Tea for two, we only got half a sandwich each. I thought that a whole sandwich each would probably be a better option, as with just half, I found myself craving more savouries before going into the sweet section.

The scones were good, they were quite thick and doughy which isn’t a bad thing.

We got to choose a cake each from the menu. I went for Treacle Tart, and my boyfriend went for Victoria Sponge.

My Treacle Tart was okay; it was quite dry and hard, but the actual taste was rich and sticky and exactly what a Treacle Tart should be like, it just would’ve been nice for it to be a little bit more moist.

My boyfriends Victoria Sponge was lovely, light and fluffy and exactly as it should be.

All in all, the Afternoon Tea was nothing to write home about in my opinion; it was a good price for a light lunch for two, and it was very cute inside in a nice location, but the food itself wasn’t amazing. The other peoples lunches I could see being served looked great, so it may be worth a visit back for that.

You can visit their website here;

Heart Rating Out Of 5: ♥♥

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx