The Halfway Bridge, Lodsworth Review | 2019

*Our stay and meal was complimentary in return for an honest review*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

A couple of weeks ago, myself and my boyfriend went to stay at The Halfway Bridge in Lodsworth, which is about an hour and twenty minutes away from Brighton. They’re a pub with luxury accommodation, which we were kindly invited to stay in.

It’s located right in the heart of the South Downs National Park, so the views driving there are of course beautiful, as well as when you actually get there.

I love discovering places in Sussex that I wouldn’t necessarily have known about before, because whilst it’s all fun and games going for a wild weekend in London, I’ve gotten to the stage where I actually prefer going somewhere a bit more chilled in Sussex, where you can still have a few drinks and have fun, but you’re not in a crazy busy city centre struggling to even hear yourself think.

The word I would use to describe it if I had to choose only one, would be peaceful. I just instantly felt de-stressed when I arrived.

It was such a gorgeous day fortunately, so it made it even better.

The area where the 7 rooms, including a suite, are located, used to be stables and is absolutely beautiful. As soon as we rounded the corner and saw this, I felt more relaxed and couldn’t wait to get in the room. I think you get so used to arriving at a massive hotel with corridors full of room after room after room, and lifts that go up to Floor 5000, you forget how nice it is staying somewhere smaller, where you can count the number of rooms on two hands, and it’s so much more personal.

The room was big and beautiful; I loved the wooden beams, and it also contained a sofa, coffee table, TV and modern bathroom. The bed was ridiculously comfortable, probably one of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve ever slept in.

After I’d had a bath (and sent my lovely boyfriend on an over 20 mile round trip to find me some form of makeup remover as I’d forgotten to pack my cleanser – what an angel), we headed for dinner.

We both opted for the Smocked Haddock Scotch Egg with Curried Aioli an Coriander to start with, and we both agreed it was one of the best starters we’d ever had. I am not the biggest fish fan with the exception of prawns and tuna generally, but I thought why not, I’ll try something new – and I am so bloody glad that I did, because it was literally amazing. The perfect size, soft flavoursome fish, runny eggs, and the curried aioli was the most amazing edition. I could eat this again and again, and could not recommend it more if you go there.

I opted for the burger and my boyfriend for the steak as our main courses; the burger was not the best I have ever had if I am totally honest in terms of texture and flavour, but to be fair looking at the menu they have some seriously exceptional options that I wish I had gone for instead, as judging by the starters, the chefs are very talented and a burger probably isn’t going to showcase their talents.

I opted for the Seasonal Fruit Crumble with Vanilla Custard because, I literally cannot resist any dessert that contains custard, you know me. The crumble was unbelievable – warm and crispy on top with soft fruit inside, mixed with the custard it was the most heart warming dessert imaginable. I’m still dreaming about that custard!

My boyfriend had the Rhubarb Mousse with Textures of Apple and Almond and Cinnamon Granola – which judging by how quickly he ate it, I’m assuming was lovely.

We then also shared the Blueberry and Elderflower Parfait with White Chocolate Tuille, which was incredible. It looks like a caterpillar, I know, but trust me when I say the flavours were amazing, and along with the crumble, it’s a must-have for dessert! Also, I’m obsessed with these plates.

I have to say as well, everyone who works there was so lovely and friendly; I find the staff really do make a place, and if the service is good it just makes the entire experience so much better, which it did.

Breakfast the next morning was great; there was no big-hotel rush and bulk made breakfasts. It was quiet, relaxed and made to order.

There was a Continental Breakfast selection on the table, as well as a choice of ordering warm food.

I went for Scrambled Eggs with a Breakfast Muffin, and my boyfriend opted for the Full English. Both were great, I couldn’t fault them; it’s always nice to have the option of croissants, juice and fruit, as well as ordering something a bit heartier.

I know that our stay was complimentary, but in complete and utter honesty, it was amazing. I would 100%, and will 100%, be returning and paying my own money to do so. It was one of the most relaxing and chilled weekends I’ve had. There’s neighbouring towns like Midhurst and Petworth, which are lovely, but we didn’t feel the need to venture out. Me and my boyfriend have been talking about coming to stay for two nights, and just sitting eating outside in the lovely gardens, having drinks and getting some peace and quiet.

You can chill out in your room and then walk one minute around the corner to the pub and restaurant to eat and drink in, and not have to worry about taxis back or who’s going to drink and who’s going to drive. It was so lovely.

We drove, but you could get a train to a neighbouring town and get a taxi to The Halfway Bridge if you don’t drive. They have kindly said if you quote The Brighton Girl when you book to stay, you’ll get 10% off your booking. I’m not on commission or anything like that, by the way!

I hope you liked this post, and let me know if you stay there and what you think!

You can also visit their website here:

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx