Having A F*ck Budget

(This post is NOT in partnership with any brand)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

I rarely talk about money on my blog; cold hard cashola. It just doesn’t really come up, which is strange because it controls so much of our lives.

I’ve always been crap at saving; I love eating out, going for drinks, shopping and going on holiday. I relentlessly transfer out of my Savings Account every month, and then immediately regret it.

Earlier this year I discovered a money saving app; I can’t actually remember how I discovered it. I think it came up as an AD on Instagram or something. It was basically an app (you can download here – I get a small cashback bonus but have been using it for MONTHS) that connects to your bank account, and it looks at your income and spending, and it can do a few things; it can save your spare change for you, it can do a weekly round up where it looks at what you can afford and saves a chunk, and it can invest money for you, or it can do all 3, it’s up to you. I personally have the spare change and the round up on.

The money goes into a Savings Account on the app; it’s completely safe, don’t worry I checked! The Savings Account is a Barclays Instant Access Savings Account, it just sits on the app, which I prefer as I can’t see it on my normal banking app and therefore I can forget it’s there! I actually originally downloaded it and forgot, despite the daily notifications so not really sure how I did, but I did! When I checked it, I’d ended up saving my holiday spending money without realising. If you’ve got a month where you’ve earnt more than usual, you can choose to save more too.

I read a book a few years ago called The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck, and it spoke about having a ‘Fuck Budget’. It didn’t just include monetary things, but what you give your time and energy to. I was reading about having a financial Fuck Budget; if you’re in a toxic or bad relationship and want to be able to say ‘FUCK THIS’ and leave; if you are in an unhappy living situation and want to be able to say ‘FUCK THIS’ and get out; if you’re in a job that’s making you incredibly miserable and you want to say ‘FUCK THIS’ and quit; having a ‘Fuck Budget’ is what allows you to do this, and I wanted one. So I got one.

The link to the app is here, and I hope you love it. Just to reiterate again, I am using a Cashback Refer A Friend link, meaning that if you sign up, I get a small cashback bonus. Before I was doing this, I was using the app and loving it, and recommending it to all of my friends and family regardless. I have no commercial partnership with the app.

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx