An Exciting New Part Of My Purse

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

So, my boyfriend is the kind of person who becomes obsessed with things; a car he’s got his eye on, some form of new gadget; whatever it is, he finds it, researches it to within an inch of it’s life (there is a point to this story I promise), racks up 700 hours of screen time watching videos about it, and then has incessant conversations with me about it, but I suppose it’s why I love him.

He did the exact same thing earlier this year with a card he’d discovered. It was basically a card, just like a debit card, but you could have multiple cards on it; your debit and credit cards and you only need to carry that one card with you, and you can select which one you want to use for each purchase on the app. The card was bright red and metal so it did look pretty cool if I was being honest. If you bought a skirt on your debit card and actually thought ”Shit! I wish I’d put it on my credit card”, then you could literally go on the app up to 14 days after the purchase and change the card it comes out from.

You would get 1% instant cashback from over 100 brands, and if you lose the card you could tap one thing on the app and block it.

So, as you can tell, my boyfriend loved this card. Anywhere we went, he’d tell people about it – I was beginning to think he worked for them if I was honest. He was obsessed and I’d keep it to myself when he told me for the 14th time about a specific feature, because it was quite sweet how much he loved it.

Anyway, fast forward to a few weeks ago, and the brand got in touch to ask if I wanted one of their cards and they’d send one to me for free, which I was literally over the moon about as I now have a cool looking card just like my boyfriend – HA.

The standard card is free; the black card is £9.99 per month, and the metal card which I have is £14.99 per month.

The card is called Curve, you can sign up by clicking here or on this link, and use code BTNGL when you sign up and they’ll put £5 in your bank account! Win win. This is a referral link btw.

There’s no harm in just signing up to the free one, seeing how you feel then if you want to you can get the metal one at a later date if you feel like it!

So yeah, I hope you love it, let me know your thoughts and I will chat more about it shortly.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx