What Is Plum, And How Does It Work?

You can download the Plum app HERE (Referral Link)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages, and not gotten round to it, but I finally am!

I’ve been talking about an app for quite a few months now; it’s a savings app, and it’s changed mine and so many other peoples lives, so I want to answer some basic questions.

What is the app?

It’s a savings app, that connects to your bank account and monitors your transactions, working out what is affordable for you to save.

How does it save money for you?

It links up with your bank account, and takes money out by direct debit. It can save money two ways; one is where it does a ‘Round Up’, which is where every Monday, it will round up my transactions to the nearest pound and put away the spare change, and Automatic savings, where it will analyse my income and expenses and works out what it can set aside without affecting my daily life, and it does this every 4-5 days. Both of these are only ever a couple of pounds here and there, and you can turn them off at anytime. You can also turn the Savings mode right down to a low saving if you’re skint (or off completely!), or turn it right up to mega savings mode.

How do I access my money?

You simply go onto the app, which you login to with a 4 digit code you’ve set up yourself, and then withdraw however much you want; half of it, £10 of it, the whole amount, whatever you want.

How long does it take to get my money?

Either the same day, or the next working day. They are currently switching over to a new system which will mean withdrawals are instant.

Does the app cost?

It’s completely free – they don’t take a cut of your money or anything like that. It’s totally free to save. If you choose to Invest with them (get them to invest your money into companies on your behalf), I believe they take a cut then, but I haven’t done that yet and I’m not sure if I will!

Is it safe?

It is absolutely 100% safe – I’ve researched it to within an inch of it’s life! They never have access to your bank login details, and run their serves on a cloud that the worlds biggest financial institutions do. Your money is also protected, so if they did ever go out of business, your money would be returned to you.

Is it a good app?

Honestly…it’s fantastic. I have had hundreds upon hundreds of messages from people telling me how an app that has put away their spare change has paid for their wedding deposit, a new car, Christmas shopping, their rent, their food shop, their travels, an amazing holiday – you name it, it’s done it.

You can download the app here https://friends.withplum.com/r/WWtgLB (Referral Link)

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx