The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well?

So, I visited The Scarlet Hotel, a sustainable eco hotel based in North Cornwall last weekend, and I have honestly never had so many messages and questions about somewhere I’ve been before. I totally understand why; the views from the hotel are out of this world, and it is a pretty spectacular place, so I thought it would be best to put everything in one post. I will go into all costs for the stay as well as I know that was the main question people had!

Just a disclaimer; I paid for the stay, it wasn’t a gifted stay and I wasn’t working with the hotel – however if they’re reading this, feel free to slide into my DM’s regarding working together #JustSayin – or letting me take up permanent residence in your hotel. I’m open to both.

I discovered the hotel about a year ago when someone I follow posted a picture there, and after looking at it online I absolutely fell in love with it. I desperately wanted to go and was eagerly awaiting the right occasion to go.

December was a stressful and hectic month, and January can be quite bleak, so I thought the perfect time to go would be right at the beginning of January, to see 2020 in in the most luxurious way possible.

I booked a 2 night stay online; when you book a stay, it isn’t automatically confirmed, and within 24 hours you get a confirmation email saying if your booking is confirmed and the dates are available, and then they take a 25% deposit from your card.

It took us around 5 hours to drive from Brighton to Cornwall, however we did leave at 4am to beat the traffic (my boyfriends idea, not mine – he also proceeded to continually wake me up on the journey to point out road signs for some bizarre reason). This included a brief service station stop – a Sausage & Egg McMuffin is required at that time of the morning! I’d really recommending leaving this early if you have the same length journey, as despite the fact our room wasn’t ready until just before 3pm, we could use all the spa facilities, we had lunch and drinks and a walk on the beach, and really enjoyed ourselves.

When you actually arrive at the hotel, there is no reception desk; there’s just sofas and seating with huge windows looking out onto the coast, and the staff come out and find you – I surprisingly really liked their style of doing things.

The Scarlet is a cliffside hotel in Mawgan Porth, and there’s breathtaking views of the coast wherever you go in the hotel.

The beach, Mawgan Port Beach , that the hotel looks out onto is absolutely beautiful; there’s lots of people walking their dogs and I just wish I lived there and could go for a daily morning walk. I am so jealous of anyone who lives locally! You can access the beach down a path directly from the hotel – it literally takes a couple of minutes to walk down.

We came back for lunch after our walk; I stupidly ordered the Soup Of The Day which was spicy potato and fennel, forgetting I hate fennel, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable – however that’s my fault for ordering something I have never liked! My boyfriends BLT which I forced him to share was perfection though. Soz hun.

Also, a side note to order an Indulgent Hot Chocolate if you go…they include homemade marshmallows and it’s genuinely one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever had in my life.

Our room was Room 24; I couldn’t have wished for a better room really. We had a bath which was one of the things I wanted most, and the view which was the most important thing to me…well, see it for yourself. Can you really complain at that?!

On our first day there, we explored the hotel and spa facilities; the pool is absolutely beautiful as you can see with the most magnificent views of the coast.

When you arrive in the spa, you get taken around by someone who talks you through all the different areas which is really helpful.

We relaxed in the aptly named Relaxation Area, here we both fell asleep. It is really quiet in there, they leave blankets out and the views are just incredible. After a couple of hours nap, it was time for the thing I had most been looking forward to…

The Cliff Side Hot Tub, with a couple of glasses of prosecco to accompany us – I genuinely couldn’t think of another way I want to spend every weekend for the rest of my life.

I genuinely think it was one of the best parts of the trip – I can’t explain what it’s like, when it’s so cold outside and you’re in the warm water with the most amazing views and a drink – it was such a special experience, and worth paying for. We actually then booked to do it again the next day.

We then went to have Afternoon Tea, with that same ridiculous view – it literally makes any meal in an automatically different league.

The scones, jam and cream were the best I’ve ever had in my life – and you all know I’ve had a lot of Afternoon Tea!

After a much needed bubble bath, we headed for some cocktails followed by dinner in the hotel. Yet again, I wasn’t concentrating on what I ordered and just saw ‘Welsh Rarebit’ so ordered that for starter – when it arrived, it was the same soup from lunchtime, but with a chunk of Welsh Rarebit on the side – it’s safe to say the soup didn’t get eaten. I feel like that soup is just going to crop up everywhere I go in life if I’m honest.

For my main course, I had Cauliflower Steak with Feta, Tomatoes and Parmentier Potatoes – it was absolutely amazing – pretty small, but so good. The desserts – a Chocolate Delice with blackberries and sorbet, and a Vanilla Panacotta with Ginger Cake were lovely, and the perfect thing to finish the meal off with.

The next day, we headed down for breakfast – they change their menu daily so they always have different things on there. We opted for their take on a full English, and you could just tell that all the ingredients were amazing quality.

They do it in a 3 Course Breakfast Style – the first course being drinks, the second something like porridge or a croissant, and the third being a hot, cooked choice – eggs, sausages, etc, or something like smoked salmon, and also a vegan/vegetarian option. They also have a ‘Bread of The Day’ that’s freshly baked along with the most amazing butter and jam I’ve ever had.

We went to the Relaxation Area, where the view was a lot cloudier than the day before but the view is still just as beautiful.

Before going for our massages at the spa.

We’d booked a ‘Short Journey’ each – it’s an introduction to Ayurveda which is a ‘holistic whole body healing system’. You essentially answer some questions about yourself and your general moods and bodily functions and your therapist will talk you through your answers briefly, and what kind of massage they will tailor to your needs based on that.

The actual massage area is dimly lit and really relaxing; we both had a back, neck, shoulder and head massage, and there was also some facial massaging too, along with arms and hands. My therapist, Mai, was so lovely, informative and kind, and actually sent a message to our room afterwards with some tips to ease my anxieties and how to continue my relaxation journey.

After our massages, we went to the Deep Relaxation Area to recover; it is a dark room, with some really dimly lit bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and cocoons hanging from the ceiling too, filled with cushions and blankets that you can wind down in after for as long as you want – you can even go to sleep in there.

We then had The Copper Tub booked, for the Calm, Oil and Scrub. Essentially, it is a big copper tub in your own private room, where lavender, jasmine and rosewood oils are in the bath, with scrubs next to it for you to use. There’s also a shower in there, and candles, and you can go in as a couple for 45 minutes. It was such a lovely experience, and I was so relaxed afterwards that I was practically asleep.

We then had the Cliff Hot Tub booked for a second time – when we go back we want to go for 3 nights and book it for every single day – which I’m so glad we did. It was a lot cloudier than the previous day but equally as lovely being in there.

We then went in the Sauna, which is one of the nicest saunas I’ve ever been in. There’s nothing quite like being on the cliffside looking out onto the beach whilst you’re absolutely sweltering!

There’s also the natural Outdoor Pool – which is absolutely freezing, so if you’re brave enough then definitely give it a go.

We had a roast dinner booked after that, so after a quick 10 minute change, we headed for lunch. We both opted for the Lamb Ragu with Saffron Pasta to start which quite honestly was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life – it was incredible.

The main roast dinner was okay – my Yorkshire Pudding was really cold, and there was barely any gravy, and my meat was quite tough. I was so relaxed and the hotel had been so incredible in every other area that this didn’t bother me too much – the starter, and the dessert of Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream was so good that a let down in one area wasn’t too much of a problem. If I hadn’t been so relaxed I may have cared more!

Another relaxing afternoon ensued in the spa, before a casual dinner and drinks in the bar from their Any Time Menu that evening.

The next day was our last breakfast with an amazing view, before we checked out and began the long journey home.

Cost Breakdown

The stay itself cost me £525, for 2 nights Bed & Breakfast.

Then, a £45 each dinner allowance on the Saturday night was £90.

Our massages were £110 each, totalling £220.

We also had two Cliff Hot Tub Experiences, at £25 each coming to £50.

We booked a 45 minute Couples Copper Tub Experience, costing £40.

Our Afternoon Tea was £25 per person, coming to £50.

The Roast Dinner we had was approximately £25 per person, totalling £50.

Remaining drinks and cocktails we had that we added to our room came to around £100.

We also whilst at the hotel paid for a few things upfront, drinks and lunch wise, which came to around £60.

In total, as an approximate cost, I would say a 2 night stay, where you are enjoying alcoholic drinks and cocktails, and having treatments, would be around £1200 as that is what it cost us.

I know that this is not a cheap stay and I am fully aware you could go abroad for this price, however it’s somewhere we had wanted to go for ages, it was a special Christmas present, and if you’ve saved money for something then you should enjoy it!

Would I come back to The Scarlet Hotel? In a heartbeat. There is no question in my mind; it’s rare to go somewhere that you love so much that you feel genuine sadness leaving, and this was one of those places. In the guestbook where people wrote notes, one couple had written that they were checking out from their 13th stay there, and I fully understand why.

We want to go back two more times this year, once in the Summer and again before Christmas, and we’d love to make it a yearly tradition of going in January when we feel a bit down after the festive period ending.

If you want to check out their website, here’s the link for you – it really is worth every penny. Even the Trip Advisor reviews are basically all 5 star!

If you do book, I’d love you to let me know your thoughts – I hope you love it as much as we did, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx