Amira’s Kitchen, Uckfield

*Our meal was complimentary in return for an honest review*

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

If you know me, you’ll know Indian is my favourite food. If I had to choose one cuisine I had to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would be Indian. I could eat it everyday, it’s the only takeaway I ever want – you get the picture, I love it!
My dream one day is to go to India and eat the food I love in its native country – but before that, I will be making the most of the amazing Indian food Sussex and the UK has to offer!
There’s plenty of fantastic Indian takeaways and restaurants in Sussex – one of them being Amira’s Kitchen in Uckfield. Growing up I always headed to the Indian restaurants in Hove, but parking is a nightmare and also, sometimes it’s nice to try somewhere different.
Amira’s Kitchen is tucked away in Uckfield, not too far from Lewes if you’re wondering location wise. Uckfield is actually really underrated when it comes to food, as it’s somewhere I’d never gone for food until about a year ago; they also have a really good cinema called The Picture House, so if you’re wanting to get your curry fix before a film then it’s ideal.
They have a fantastic drinks menu, and it contains Cocktails, one of my favourite things about Amira’s Kitchen. I think I’ve only been to one Indian restaurant that had a cocktail menu before, which is a dream come true for me as it’s my favourite food and they’re my favourite drinks. I rarely fancy wine with a meal, especially a curry, I want something fruity and refreshing so my Cosmopolitan, one of my favourite cocktails of all time, was the perfect thing to wash my food down.
Poppadoms and dips are one of my favourite parts of going for a curry; I actually rarely go for any of the dips except the onion salad, but I decided to be brave this time, and I was not disappointed. I know that people may wonder how you can rate a poppadom but the true Indian food lovers out there will understand where I’m coming from when I say that not all poppadoms are the same, and some are far better than others! These were perfect, crunchy and they actually had flavour to them. A lot of poppadoms are a bit bland and too soft, but these were genuinely some of the best I’ve had.
Ever since I was little I’ve ordered the same curry; a korma. I know some people may turn their nose up at this choice, because Indian food is famous for its spice and flavour, but the truth is it’s not the mild flavour that keeps me coming back to a Korma. I actually love spice, but there’s something about the creaminess of a Korma that means I always order it! I just love the flavour, and this was no exception at Amira’s Kitchen.
Seeing as I love Indian food – and always order the same curry – it means I’ve tried a fair few kormas in my time but Amira’s Kitchen really pulled it out the bag. I find that a lot of places, because it’s a mild curry, tone down the flavour too much and it can become a bit tasteless, but the korma at Amira’s definitely had that flavour backing up the mildness of it.
My boyfriend opted for a Chicken Rogan Josh which I tasted some of and it was seriously good. See, this is the thing, I love my korma but I also want something spicy too, so I almost wish I could have half and half like a pizza! Or, I’ll just continuing stealing his food?
Pilau rice is my go to with every curry – my boyfriend without fail goes for Mushroom Rice everytime, of which he’s a massive fan. I know, you may be thinking ‘TRY SOMETHING NEW!’ but if it’s not broke don’t fix it, and I just love the same combination every time.
A garlic naan is our curry accompaniment every time – I love Naan and I love garlic so the combination is my match made in heaven. This was flavoursome and soft, not too crunchy and not too doughy, a difficult medium to get! Saag Paneer is always our last addition to a curry – I never used to order it but it’s my partners go-to everytime, so it’s eventually one me round! Spinach is one of my favourite things, so any way I can get it into a meal I will.
All in all, a lovely meal at Amira’s Kitchen and somewhere I’d definitely recommend checking out. The decor is brightly accessorised and the staff are lovely and friendly, and the food – well the review speaks for itself!
You can have a look at their website here – let me know if you give it a try and what you think!
Speak soon!
All my love BGP xx